About Us

AL HEWAR BUILDING MATERIALS LLC is the authorised agent & stockiest of DIMA industrials tool's accessories for middle-east & Africa.
 DIMA More productivity:
For good results when drilling, chiselling, cutting and sawing, the quality of the accessories is equally as important as that of the machine. Work progress, cut quality and
drilled hole quality are directly dependent on the quality of the accessory.
The modern and very well equipped laboratory guarantees the quality of our cutting tools.
Specific and precise tests are made on steel, before and after heat treatment, allow high performance giving safety.
DIMA has made it its top priority to develop and produce tools with the highest possible level of efficiency: a combination of convenience, results of quality and long life. 
A special care has been dedicated during the production of our tools: quality means perfect working order and total safety for the hand users. High performance is possible
only with the right use of the tool. Always use the individual safety protections required by specific work.
The new catalogue synthesizes commercial and distribution needs together with the necessary technical knowledge. All pages are easily readable and to consult with codes,
commercial information and technical notes.
The core competence of DIMA is innovation, development and production of tools for working on concrete and stone. Professional users rely on the capability of our products
when it comes to drilling, chiselling and cutting- even in the hardest materials.
Rapid work progress, precise result and high resistance to wear and tear are the standards by which we measure the productivity of accessories. DIMA is born out to be the market
leader for hammer drill bits, diamond core bits, diamond blades, diamond cups and other related power tool accessories.
DIMA is partner for specialist end user who is determined to offer a range that is preferred by professionals.